About Us.

So who are we?

Red Design formed in 2002 when Eric and Casey left their jobs (and by left I mean they were handed a fancy blue folder and severance package) at a crumbling web design firm that lay victim to the dot com crash of 2001. Now, free from the confines of a corporate setting, the two set out to create a web design firm dedicated to customer care and excellence. We are committed to developing the absolute best in web design. Red Design offers an extensive background in numerous design programs on multiple platforms and creates effective online solutions for our clients. By staying current with the latest trends in web technology, we provide our clients with a clean, visually pleasing site whose compositions are on the leading edge of web design.

How We Do It

We provide expertise in visual design and usability. These individual elements fuse into a web solution that not only engages its audience, but also provides an easily manageable platform on which to learn more about a client's company.

Visual Design focuses on unifying information with its presentation. When creating the visual design for a web system, we work with the client to understand any parameters that we need to bear in mind, such as specific fonts, colors, and other design elements. This ensures that the client's web design coincides with existing print or other branding collateral. We also consider the practical issues related to interface design, such as target monitor resolutions or minimum browser requirements.

When considering the usability of a proposed site design, we work closely with the client to understand the target audience's exposure to the web and online navigation, as well as their purpose when visiting the site. The user's goals in relation to the entire system must be considered in order to design the interface to meet those goals. We take into close consideration the user's intentions when designing the whole experience.